Successful Reality Show Ideas- I Love New York

There is a wide variety of different types of reality television shows out there.  There are dating shows, makeover shows, home remodeling shows, ones that follow the lives of celebrities and more.  But one thing that every popular reality TV show has in common is that they all began as just an idea.

I Love New York is a spinoff series based on Flavor of Love star Tiffany Pollard, better known as “New York,” in her quest to find love. The series opened with New York discussing her experiences on the show Flavor of Love, and introduced Chamo as her personal stylist and assistant. Unlike the show’s predecessor, New York allowed the contestants to give themselves names with her final approval. Each episode featured a challenge, with the prize being a group or individual date with New York. Many episodes also featured additional events, such as a barbecue given by the contestants, to attempt to get chances to impress New York. When there were only four contestants left, each got a chance to take New York on a date. The three remaining contestants then had their mothers meet New York and New York’s mother. In the finale of the show, the final two travel with New York to a resort, where they each have a final opportunity to make their case for New York’s love. The seasons also featured Reunion shows, where the cast members met to discuss issues that arose from the series. The show in its own turn spawned several spinoffs, including I Love Money, a co-ed competition series that featured contestants from I Love New York as well as other similar romance-oriented programs on VH1. New York would go on to feature on New York Goes to Hollywood as well as New York Goes to Work.

The show was created by Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin. Abrego was raised in El Monte, California and graduated from California State University, joining the Bunim/Murray Production Company. In 2002, he created a production company called Brass Ring, which created programs including Next Action Star and The Hitchhiker Chronicles. Mark Cronin graduated from Upper Darby High School and went on to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania; he spent five years working as an engineer in research and marketing while moonlighting as a freelance joke writer for Global Village News, a Nick at Nite spoof of news programming. He joined The Howard Stern Show in 1991, scripting episodes and producing interviews. He moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to become the head writer for the MTV dating show Singled Out before joining the Fox network in 1996. He founded Mindless Entertainment in 1997; he would merge the company with Abrego’s 51 Pictures to form 51 Minds Entertainment. The production company would go on to produce most of the “celebreality” programming that VH1 specialized in in the 2000s.

In July 2006, VH1 published a casting call looking for contestants for their new series tentatively called The Flavorette. On November 3, 2006, VH1 announced the show’s official title, with the first commercial for the series airing December 3, 2006 and the first episode showing in January of 2007.

If you have a reality show idea of your own, New Show Studios can help you take action and pursue it.  The company has a unique method of creating show concept packages that give network and movie studio executives a professional quality view of your idea.  They can take your reality show idea, develop and package it into a demonstration video and send it off to producers and executives in the entertainment industry.

Anyone can make a reality TV show concept presentation package with New Show Studios.  You do not need special credentials, background or a college degree to pursue an idea.  As long as you have a clear idea of what your basic idea is and you are able to verbalize this, New Show Studios is happy to help.

Remember that even with the best presentation materials new entertainment development is high risk and there is very little likelihood that your idea will be successfully licensed or result in profit to you.



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