Screenplay Ideas That Won 9 Oscars

Each year, there are two Academy Awards given out for screenplays.  One is for the best original screenplay, and the other is for the best adapted screenplay. 

Learning to write your own screenplay takes a good amount of research, practice and repetition.  Watching movies and studying the most successful screenplays are some things that you can do to help yourself learn.  The following films have each won 9 Oscars.

The most recent film with the distinction of winning 9 Oscars is The English Patient from 1996. The film is told in a series of flashbacks that chronicle the backstory of a critically burned man, who is at first only known as “the English patient” due to his accent. In reality, he is a Hungarian cartographer and Count who was making a map of the Sahara Desert and began an affair with the wife of his benefactor, Katherine Clifton, which ultimately results in his injuries. The Count tries to get assistance for the injured Katherine, but is unable to reach her in time, and when he tries to leave the area with her body, his plane is shot down. Now an invalid patient, wholly dependent on morphine, he asks for an overdose. The film earned two Golden Globe Awards, and has the distinction of being only one of three Best Picture winners to never enter the weekend box office top 5.

Prior to The English Patient, the previous film to earn nine Oscars was The Last Emperor in 1987. The film is a biographical portrayal of the life of the last Emperor of China, Pu Yi. The story opens with Pu Yi re-entering to newly proclaimed People’s Republic of China as a political prisoner and war criminal, having been captured by the Red Army. When he attempts suicide, he is instead rendered unconscious, and the flashback that follows details the earliest years of his life, following through his exile, his puppet reign of Manchukuo, and finally his capture by the Soviet army. He is subjected to the “Communist re-education program” for political prisoners, and is coerced to formally renounce his collaboration with Imperial Japanese invaders. The film flash-forwards to the cult of Mao, with Puyi having become a simple gardener who lives a proletarian existence. The film did not enter the weekend box office top 10 until its twelfth week, at which point it increased its earnings 168% from the previous week; it peaked at #4 in its 22nd week of theatrical release.

Another film to earn nine Oscars was 1958’s Gigi, a musical romantic comedy based on a 1944 novella of the same name, set in turn of the 20th century Paris. The title character of the film, Gilberte, also known as Gigi, is the daughter of a courtesan who is friends with a wealthy man by the name of Gaston. Gigi begins to learn the skills she must cultivate to follow her mother, but is initially a very poor student. One day, Gigi proposes to Gaston that if she beats him at a game of cards, he must take her and her mother with him on vacation; she happily wins. During their holiday, Gigi and Gaston spend many hours together. Gaston eventually realizes he is in love with Gigi, and offers to make her his mistress, but she refuses. Gaston storms away and Gigi decides that she would rather be miserable with him than without him; prepared to accept her fate, she emerges from her room. Gaston has a change of heart and instead of making her a mistress, the two get married. In addition to the Academy Awards, the film won three Golden Globe Awards, including Best Motion Picture in the category of Musical or Comedy. At the time it broke the record for the number of Oscars won; in tribute to Gigi’s domination of the Oscars, the MGM switchboard answered calls the following day with “M-Gigi-M.”

Do you have a screenplay idea that you think would make a great movie or TV show? If you would like to take action and pursue your screenplay idea, New Show Studios can help.

New Show Studios is a company that’s designed specifically for everyday people with ideas for screens big and small.  It has all the resources under one roof to develop your screenplay idea into a concept package and present it to an entertainment company through its exclusive licensing agent, SFM Entertainment.  SFM Entertainment has over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry. 

Remember that even with the best presentation materials new entertainment development is high risk and there is very little likelihood that your idea will be successfully licensed or result in profit to you.


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