Anyone Can Be a TV Writer: Howard Fast

The people who have worked to become successful TV writers come from many different places and backgrounds.  Many did not even work in the entertainment industry- they were just everyday people with an idea.  Most successful TV writers started at the bottom, worked odd jobs at some point, and overcame some sort of obstacle or hardship to get where they are today.

Howard Fast, American TV writer, was born on November 11, 1914 in New York City. Both of his parents were Jewish immigrants. As a young kid, he had to provide for his family, so he picked up a job selling newspapers with his brother. He also picked up a habit of writing during this stage of his life working part-time in the New York Public Library.

Howard began writing at an early age. When he became older, he hitchhiked on a lot of trains, riding around the country to find jobs. While en route, he wrote his first novel, Two Valleys, published in 1933 when he was 18. One of his most popular writings was Citizen Tom Paine.

Fast spent World War II working with the United States Office of War Information, writing for Voice of America. After failing to disclose information about Un-American Activities to the House Committee, he received a prison sentence of three months. In jail, he wrote his most famous work, Spartacus, which was a novel about the Roman Empire. The book was one of his greatest successes. In 1960, they made a drama film based on the novel called Spartacus. They later redid Spartacus in 2004 as a TV movie and it was nominated for Emmy Awards.

In 1974, Fast and his family moved to California, where he would begin his career as a TV writer. He wrote for television programs such as How the West Was Won. He won a primetime Emmy Award for the Most Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series in Benjamin Franklin.

One of his most underrated works was a television movie The Crossing, which was a dramatization of George Washington’s perilous gamble of crossing the Delaware River and attacking the British army at Trenton. It was nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards.

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