Anyone Can Be a TV Writer- Rod Serling

The people who have worked to become successful TV writers come from many different places and backgrounds.  Many did not even work in the entertainment industry- they were just everyday people with an idea.  What many successful TV writers have in common is that they started at the bottom, worked an odd job at some point, and overcame some sort of obstacle or hardship to get where they are today.

Rod Serling, the creator and writer for Twilight Zone, was born on December 25, 1924, in Syracuse, New York. His father was a secretary and an amateur inventor and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Serling’s father became a grocer to maintain a steady income. Serling and his family spent most of his youth 70 miles south of Syracuse in Binghamton. He was always a performer as a child and was encouraged by his parents.

His father built a small stage for him in the basement. Here, he got a lot of experience being creative because he and the other children in the neighborhood would put on plays. Serling’s brother claimed that he would entertain himself for hours by acting out dialogue from movies he had seen.

As a young guy, Serling was the type of person to be careless of other people’s responses during conversations. One time, on a trip to Syracuse, his family experimented to see if he would notice their lack of words when he spoke to them and he didn’t, as he spoke non-stop throughout the car ride. Throughout his schooling, he was always seen as a class clown. With his talkative habits, he was able to join the debate team and was also a speaker at his high school graduation.

After high school, Serling immediately enlisted in the U.S. Army for World War II. He was shipped over to fight the Japanese in the Philippines. Serling was wounded in battle and was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star and the Philippine Liberation Medal.

Serling was a radio volunteer before becoming a TV writer for WKRC-TV in Cincinnati. He wrote testimonial ads for medical remedies and scripts for a comedy duo. After a few years of struggle and hardship, in 1955, the Kraft Television Theater televised a program based on Serling’s 72nd script and called it Patterns. It dramatized the power struggle between a corporate veteran losing his ability to work with a young executive outshining him to take his place. Right after the broadcasting of the episode Serling was offered numerous jobs and sold a few of his early scripts, but people thought it wasn’t the same quality as his Patterns script.

Serling later submitted The Time Element to CBS as a pilot for his new weekly TV show idea. The TV writer came up with a story that concerns a man who has nightmares of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The twist in the end is that he actually died there. It was such a success that it became the start-up episode for The Twilight Zone series.

The show ran for five seasons with 156 episodes and ever since then, Serling has been a big part of modern popular culture. His TV show idea of The Twilight Zone inspired the Disney theme park ride The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Now, every year, Rod Serling’s high school hosts the Rod Serling Video Festival for students in grades K-12.

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