Highest Rated Animal Planet Shows

Animal Planet broadcasts a wide variety of shows centered around our furry (and not-so-furry) friends in the animal kingdom. From the adorable, syrupy-sweet Too Cute to the edgy Confessions: Animal Hoarding, the network has something to feed the animal lover inside all of us.

Among its highest rated shows is the popular River Monsters, which features intrepid angler Jeremy Wade. Part guerrilla fishing show, part animal Myth Busters, this intriguing series follows Wade along his adventures to uncover the mysteries behind some of the most amazingly bizarre aquatic creatures on the planet.

One of Animal Planet’s newest shows, which was recently picked up for another season, is the raucous Tanked. While ornate and grandiose aquarium setups are the crucial animal kingdom tie-in for the series, it’s the human counterparts Wayde King and Brett Raymer (along with a quirky supporting cast of family members) who make this one of the network’s highest rated shows. Big business, massive homes and upscale hotels enlist the services of the family-owned company, and backed by a wacky ensemble of relatives, designers and installers, Tanked reveals some of the most amazing aquatic builds you’ll ever see.

Sometimes the simplest formula is the most effective. During the Super Bowl each year, Animal Planet airs the Puppy Bowl, a crazy cute version of Super Sunday’s big game. Somewhere in an executive office, someone pitched the idea to put a pack of precious and well-tempered pups into a mock football stadium with a bunch of chew toys and watch the darling furry flurry that would be sure to ensue. Someone probably laughed at this idea; that person is now probably unemployed, because Puppy Bowl is consistently one of Animal Planet’s most watched and highest rated shows.

Not to be outdone in the cuteness department, the mesmeric, squishy, adorable goodness of Too Cute! will melt even the most cold-blooded of people with its look at baby animals. Each episode follows a few litters of brand new little fuzzballs and watches them grow during the first few weeks of their lives. Everything from Jack Russell Terriers to a group of newborn sloths will subject your TV room to a rapid barrage of gooey “awwwws.”

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