Highest Rated Lifetime Drama Shows

Lifetime television is without a doubt one of womankind’s favorite channels. It is dedicated to airing movies, sitcoms, reality shows, and dramas that all center around women, or have women as main characters. Lifetime is also an advocate for all women related issues, such as domestic abuse and breast cancer, and strives to show entertainment that supports and praises womanhood. It is the highest-rated women’s network, and has been the number one female-targeted network by women of all ages for some time now.

When did this popular network have its start? In March of 1982, a certain television network began airing women’s programming for a few hours each day. This later grew to include talk shows and other daytime programming during the week. However, Lifetime Television didn’t make its debut until February of 1984, when the Daytime and Cable Health Networks merged into one.

Since then, Lifetime has been airing many popular shows centered around the lives and roles of women, such as Designing Women (1998-2006), The Golden Girls (1997-2009), The Nanny (2000-2008), Reba (2006-2012), Still Standing (2006-2009), Murphy Brown (1996-2004) and Desperate Housewives (2007-2012), as well as many, many more.

The network has also introduced its own original, highest rated Lifetime drama shows, such as the critically acclaimed Army Wives, which revolved around the lives of army women and their families. Army Wives had the largest series premier in Lifetime’s history, and received many favorable reviews, nominations, and awards.

Another of its highest rated Lifetime drama shows, Drop Dead Diva, centers around a shallow, vain model who dies in a sudden accident and is reincarnated into the body of a plus-sized, brilliant attorney. Drop Dead Diva enjoys many positive reviews and almost as much success as its predecessor Army Wives. Another original series is the Client List, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as a single mother trying to make ends meet at a massage parlor, where she soon learns how complicated life can really be.

In addition to drama series, Lifetime has also introduced several original reality series. For example, the popular Project Runway and its companion show, Models of the Runway, as well as the hit Dance Moms.

However, Lifetime’s original movies have also brought excellent awards and ratings to the television network. These original movies have made Lifetime the top rated and most watched network for women older than eighteen years of age. They have also been nominated for countless awards such as Outstanding Made for Television Movie, along with five Emmy nominations.

These awards have also attracted greatly talented actors to take part in these Lifetime original movies, including Rosie O’Donnell, Joan Cusack, Harry Connick, Jr., and Faye Dunaway to name a few.

Lifetime has also given way to two sister channels. The Lifetime Movie Network was created in 1998 and is dedicated to women-oriented made-for-television movies, especially Lifetime original movies. Later in 2001, the Lifetime Real Women channel was launched, which features a mixture of many comedies, dramas, movies, and real life stories amongst other entertaining shows.

Throughout the years, Lifetime has changed its slogan several times. Beginning in 1994, its slogan became “Television for Women”, but later changed to “My Story is on Lifetime”. In 2008, it was changed again to “Connect. Play. Share.” perhaps to encourage audiences to socialize on the Lifetime website. Presently, their slogan is simple, yet very appropriate for a television network so engrossed in the celebration of womanhood. Lifetime, it’s “Your Life. Your Time.”

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