Most Popular Starz Comedy Shows

Starz is a premium subscription channel that features, primarily, first-run movies for their more than 20 million subscribers in the United States. Initially launched as competition for HBO and Showtime in 1994, Starz is NOW featured on 90% of cable outlets and operates a half dozen multiplex channels, a high definition simulcast of each channel, and a video on-demand service for their customers. The corporate offices of parent companies, Liberty Media and The Weinstein Group, are located in Meridian, Colorado and are responsible for Starz and her sister stations: Encore and MoviePlex.
Most popular Starz Comedy Shows was born of a major rebranding effort launched on March 28, 2005. Along with Starz Comedy, Starz Edge was added to the lineup and aimed at the male 18 to 34 year old demographic. To make room for Starz Comedy, two separate channels, Starz Kids and Starz Family were combined together to form Starz Kids and Family. This assured parents that there were options for them as well on this kid friendly station.

In addition to the new offerings, Starz updated their logo at this time to a hand drawn star shooting upward while a semi-translucent image of the new logo was placed in the bottom-right section of the screen to aid viewers in identifying which station they were watching.

At the unveiling, corporate press releases guaranteed that the comedic station would, “make your face hurt with non-stop movies and outrages bits that keep you laughing.”
The cable channel has a vast movie library to draw from. Newer films are available from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Sony Pictures, TriStar, and Columbia Pictures. Older titles are drawn from Time Warner subsidiaries like Warner Brothers Pictures and New Line Cinema. Filling out the roster is Turner Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Miramax Films, and Universal Studios. A recently inked deal will see the inclusion of more than 500 titles from Lions Gate Entertainment.

A first run movie format offers selections of newer movies that are offered at varying intervals by most popular Starz Comedy Shows during the week and include such hits as: Booty Call, Bulletproof, Orgazmo, Billy Madison, Carnage, and The Muppets. In this way they “provide big laughs around the clock with movies that never fail to bring fun and funny!”

Additionally, their light hearted fare has included original programming in recent years with such shows as: The Bronx Bunny Show (2007), Head Case (2007-2009), Hollywood Residential (2005-2007), Party Down (2009-2011) and the long running Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand Up (2005-2010).

Most popular Starz Comedy Shows are popular with anyone who wishes to laugh and wants their laughs centrally located on one station for ease of finding that next hysterical cinematic offering. With 24 hour programming, Starz Comedy is able to offer just that!

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