What is New Show Studios

New Show Studios is a corporation designed for everyday people with ideas for screens big and small (TV shows, movies, webisodes). We are a company with all the resources under one roof to give your show a chance to be presented to the entertainment industry. The concept of New Show Studios was developed by someone just like you. Someone who had a show idea and needed help to develop it.

Realizing that background research, show sample production and network connections are equally important, New Show Studios connected with SFM Entertainment as their exclusive licensing agent.  SFM Entertainment has over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry, giving New Show Studios the industry expertise needed to get show ideas in front of entertainment executives.  New Show Studios created a state of the art production facility to produce professional, high quality show concept packages to present to an entertainment company.

After much hard work and anticipation, New Show Studios was complete, and now, is available to assist people like you with their ideas.

Whatever your needs, we can help.

New Show Studios is looking for your idea for a new TV show, movie or webisode idea! With our exclusive Idea-to-Show-Concept Process™, we’ll develop your idea into a Show Concept Package™ that is ready for presentation to a targeted entertainment corporation.

From friendly Development Executives who work closely with you to fully understand your show idea, to enthusiastic Producers, who develop your idea into a compelling Show Concept Package™, New Show Studios is action-packed with passion and is ready to work with you!

In fact, our entire Idea-to-Show-Concept Process™ is a collaborative experience, where you are immersed in the initial creative process, updated during each phase of the design & production processes and required to sign off at certain creative junctures.  The Idea-to-Show-Concept Process™ results in a complete Show Concept Package™, including an approximately two minute long show concept video, as well a customized logo and brochure.

We know that your TV show, movie, or webisode idea is very important to you; so, we want to make the process a simple, smooth and satisfying experience for you.

Have a New TV Show Idea


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